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‘They’re allive!” Skip Bayless on the Cowboys win over the Raiders

Dec 18, 2017

– All I’ve got to say about last night was, they’re alive. They’re still alive. I don’t know how? But they’re alive. I told you it took seven years off my life. Ernestine is not speaking to me. Our Maltese, Hazel, is definitely not speaking to me. They said the neighbors complained about me because I was losing my mind over all of the above.

And just for the record, to put this in the scope of this quote unquote game, which was an eyesore of a football game between what looked like two bad team, to be honest about this, that’s what it looked like to me, the Cowboys should have put this game away in the first quarter and shut up all those black hole fans. Should have just done it. Because the Raiders were asking to be beaten in the first quarter. And they let them off the hook.

And here they came. And all of a sudden, it’s 10 to 10. And my team, my Dallas Cowboys, had to resort to running a fake punt from their 24 yard line on fourth and–


– 11.

– 11. Fourth and 11 for you– you ran a fake punt, and the punter had to cut inside the block. So it wasn’t like there’s just an open flank. And Chris Jones, who could run a little bit, ran 24 yards. And all of a sudden, they have to resort to some sort of statue of liberty, what was it, a throwback play. But that didn’t work. And they go down and get the touchdown. So it’s 17 to 10. And then this thing happens. Fourth and one.

– Flee flicker. The flee flicker.

– Flea flicker. It was a flea flicker. So it’s fourth and one from the Cowboy 39. This is the whole season for them. This is game on the line. Because if you don’t get the 1 yard, it’s going to be dubious that you’re going to win and survive this game. Because the Raiders have all the momentum. And you’ve got none. The line cannot protect Dak Prescott in the second half. They can’t get an inch running the football. And now it’s going to come down to a centimeter thanks to Gene Steratore.

Now I agree with Dak Prescott, I thought on a second thrust, I thought he more than got the first down on the second thrust. But it was so busy inside the scrum, you couldn’t really see. But I thought he thrusted again with the football before he went down. I thought he got a bad spot. But the spot was the spot. And I think Gene Steratore got mixed up. I do. I think he got it backwards in his head.


– So you think he said no first down.

– Yeah, he just got– remember, he’s a showman to a fault. I don’t like referees who are showman. Remember, Joey Crawford in the NBA. He’s such a showman. He’s trying to, he wants to be the story. And, finally, he’s going off on the Spurs’ bench calling technicals. And they suspended him for a while.

But the point is Steratore is grinning. And he’s having a good time, he’s cutting up with everybody. So he’s going to be a showman. He’s going to pull out some kind of no card that’s doubled up, you know it’s folded over. And he’s going to show you, and all of a sudden, he shows you it’s not a first down. But it’s not. It was so clearly not. I said it’s a centimeter. , But it was like a quarter of an inch short. Right?

– Yes. Yes, it was.

– It was clearly not a first down. And I took one look at it before the no card went down, and I said that’s.

– I said the same thing.

– I just sat back, and said, we’re done. Season’s over. Game over. They’re going to go score, and this is going to go crazy the other way.


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